War of the Worlds

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Ultimate theater of the mind!!!

Orson Welles broke amazing ground with his "War of the Worlds" broadcast in 1938. Thirty years later WKBW in Buffalo completely redefined that classic broadcast … and then did it again in 1971.

For the most fun, I would recommend listening to the 1971 broadcast first … then go back and listen to the 1968 version … either way this is a WILD RIDE!

I'll give you all 3 versions here. Now, while you may mock people for falling for this, remember, the government and media have you CURRENTLY wearing a mask, destroying the economy … restricting your movement … and locked indoors for a virus that has a 99% survival rate! Yeah … we're really a LOT LESS gullible these days!

1938 War of the Worlds

1968 War of the Worlds

1971 War of the Worlds

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