Ephemeral Reign

The road I’m going to take you down is dark at first. However our story has resulted in producing lyrics and music that seems to find a connection with people. We write about real life events good or bad, sad or happy. Like the leaves on a tree our lives are ephemeral or short lived. Our songs are sort of a scrapbook of these events. Since life can be short it’s the most precious thing we have. The least we could do is sing about it.

I’ve always believed that music sets the mood and lyrics tell the story. A number of years ago I was messing around on my acoustic guitar and came across a really cool chord progression and eventually developed a melody out of it. It was a step in the right direction as far breaking away from other songs I had written. In fact it was a huge stepping stone for me. I thought “now that’s what a song is supposed to sound like”. It had a haunting melody and a beautiful hook. What I didn’t have was a topic let alone any lyrics. I knew what I had was special (at least for me) and I was determined not to waste it on generic lyrics without emotion and didn’t want to rush it and have a beautiful piece of music but a story lacking weight and emotion. I never thought the lyrics I would later write for it would come from one of the darkest days of my life..

On my way home from work I received a call from my wife Debbie telling me through uncontrollable tears that my brother had died. It wasn’t till later that day that I learned what happened. He had lost his battle with alcoholism. Everything I had come to know in my life was rearranged on that day. My brother and I were very close. I had many conversations with him about his love affair with alcohol. But no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t face the world without it.

At that moment I stopped playing guitar, writing and even stopped playing with the band I was in at the time. I had a hard time processing what had happened. A full year went by and I finally was just sick and tired of mourning. My guitar was sitting in the corner of the room as if it was calling to me. I picked it up and as I was dinking around I remembered that really cool melody and hook I had written a long time ago and started playing it. I remembered what a special piece this was for me and right then it hit me like lighting. I finally knew what I needed to write about. I spent that night working out the pain of my brother’s death and reconciling our relationship through lyrics. It is appropriately entitled ‘What does it matter now?’

I introduced the song to my daughter Kyra who then began playing piano for it. I rejoined with my band and introduced the song to them. It quickly became part of the song list we played every week. However the music I heard in my head was a bit different than we had been playing live. It’s hard to translate what you hear in your mind to a live audience. Thus I decided to record it.

The more we played with it in the studio the more we knew this was the type of music we wanted to write. This spawned into a string of songs that came from the ashes of other people’s fights, victories and tragedies. These topics tell real life stories. Everything from divorce to depression, OCD, natural disasters etc. Writing about these lives taught me that I could write about happy things much in the same manner. My daughter and I wrote the song ‘Dear Henly’ for our close friends who were pregnant with their first child at the time.

At this point it was clear to Kyra and I that the music of Ephemeral Reign is a look at ourselves as a human race and sharing our stories through music. Because no matter what your story is we can tell it together.