Ephemeral Reign

Down here is where we’ll start throwing in all the guts of your side. I like the idea of some big ethereal splash at the top to set the tone and then a nice fade down to nuts and bolts of your site.

We’ll have photo’s and whatever down here. Your really only limited by your imagination. I’m just running on with this sentence so I can make the body text go down father … maybe I’ll throw in a photo or something to make this body section go down farther.

… because, you may notice, the further the page goes down, the more extreme the fade effect on the banner becomes. I kind of like that … it matches the overall mood of the site I’d like to see us build.

Notice, too, that I put a little circle with an arrow in the middle of the banner. If you hit that, the page will automatically jump down to the body. Another nice little touch, if I do say so myself ... and I just did.

One other thing you may notice is that if you change the size of your browser window, or you view this site on a small er screen (such as an iPhone or iPad, the entire site automatically adjusts to fit the screen size. I design all my sites with “responsive” code so they’ll look nice on whatever size screen it’s being viewed on. It’s a little more complicated to code, but the end result is really nice.

We could even throw in some video if you have any.

Go ahead and click on the image to the right to see how I could get video to pop up on your site:

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thex Created with Sketch.
I’m throwing this extra text down here because I’m trying to see if the “scroll up” toggle that I coded in there is actually working. I may need to adjust the pixel depth activation.

Yeah, I don’t see it yet … that will give me something to sleep on this morning!

WAIT! I think I got it to show up!

Yep … there it is!